Youth, Teeth and the Truth

May 31, 2024

I love the blatant honesty that is rarely held back by our young people. I’ve learned this well in my days of working at a daycare, being a nanny on the East Coast, teaching Sunday school, mentoring youth, and volunteering in classrooms. There is an innocence and interest from their youthful perspective, where one might take insult from an adult. My children are no exception – whether it’s my outfit or a new recipe.
It’s no secret, I’m an older parent and my children had older grandparents. One day I heard my son singing the country song, “Chicken Fried.” His lyrics were a bit different than the Zach Brown Band, “…cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of TEETH that fit just right.” I will say that he did know a thing or two about dentures!
What I have learned is that behind truth is care and curiosity. Our children and young people bring enthusiasm and vitality that keeps us moving forward and motivates us to do better.
As your elected Senator, I will advocate for our youth to keep their family strong, their decisions made at home, and their education accessible.

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