Protecting Your CONSTITUTIONAL Rights

Individual rights are basic principles of our U.S. Constitution and central to our freedoms. American rights include religion, family, property, education, and the right to bear arms. I will also work to keep our land American-owned, controlled and protected.

Property Tax Relief & Fiscal Responsibility

Continued increases in property taxes need to be addressed. I will work to limit rising taxes coupled with fiscally responsible spending.

Putting Families & EDUCATION First

Families provide the foundation of a thriving society, where learning and values are instilled. Education is the cornerstone of a thriving community, which in turn ensures a robust workforce. As your elected Senator, I am committed to promoting healthy and strong families, along with advocating for education, while working toward keeping more of your hard-earned dollars and decisions at home.

Preserving the People's Government

The best government is transparent, accountable and closest to its people, empowering those to make the decisions that will live with their consequences. Local control is central to a democratic government and foundational American principles. 


People, innovation, and industry create jobs, spur economic growth, and drive a thriving economy. Agriculture provides the fiber of our communities and is key to the state’s economy. Government should promote an environment where family farms and small businesses can operate in harmony with their corporate counterparts growing crops, raising livestock, and providing products and services. I will work to keep taxes and fees low, regulations reasonable and provide a stable farm and business environment to strengthen our economy.