A Flight, Funeral and Faith

May 10, 2024

I’ve been asked about this picture on my personal Facebook page. It was one of my most recent in-flight, but not the trip you might expect.

This is my brother Orrin, who is also a pilot. We don’t get to spend much quiet time alone together these days, as he’s busy farming and ranching, and with my schedule, we usually meet each other coming and going. But last June, we brushed off my Dad’s 1961 Bonanza and flew together to our cousin’s funeral in Sturgis.

As we flew across the state that day, it was a trip of reflection and retrospect. I thought about a precious life well-lived. How short life can be. How important it is to take time for family and friends. They are a treasure that warms your heart and “fills your cup.” How the vast beauty of God’s creation is unmatched and how our faith gives us the hope to carry on.

God Bless you, friends! Cherish your people, your time, and your faith.

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