My Mom Connie, My Constant

May 12, 2024

This is my mom Cornelia, best known as Connie. I still miss her every day. “Unwavering” describes my mother. She was steadfast in her faith, her principles, her loyalty, and her love.
When she was a young woman, she felt called to spread the Gospel through teaching. After graduating from high school in 1943, she courageously left her family in southern Indiana to attend Concordia Teachers College in River Forest, IL. From there she went on to teach at parochial schools in Iowa, Wisconsin and Kansas. She was committed to her calling.
When my parents were first married, following a lengthy long-distance courtship, my dad preferred her to be at home rather than away continuing to teach school. His solution was to purchase 1,500 laying hens for her to manage, in addition to a young family and other duties of a farm wife. She did not waver in overwhelming work.
When I was a little girl, I would ask her about God as we faced challenges in our lives. Her faith was strong in belief and practice, having committed much to memory. I vividly recall her singing, “I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb,” in her fleeting hours on earth as she assured me she would “see me in heaven.” She was firm in her faith.
When I was a young pilot in training leaving on my travels, sometimes reluctantly and stressed, she would often send along little handwritten notes. On one occasion when I was going through a tough time, she sent a note with a little cash as parents often do. It read, “Let’s put these days in the hands of the Lord. He sees farther down the road than we do.” She was constant in her love and support.
As I ponder what she would think of this new endeavor, in running for Senate, I know she would love and support me. I will do my best to carry on her legacy of unwavering faith, loyalty, hard work, and support. I humbly ask for your vote on June 4th as I lean on prayer, you the people, and my principles.
I’m thinking of my mom today as we celebrate the blessing of mothers. I’m also thankful for the blessing of my mother-in-law Eldon N Tina Hohn. Thank you for the love, support, and the wonderful son you raised, my now constant.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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