A Pilot and a Patriot

May 24, 2024

This is my dad who sparked my passion for flying and encouraged me to pursue it. He is a World War II veteran and bought his first plane when he returned from the war. His love of flying was always a big part of his life, enjoyment and freedom. 

When he could no longer fly (or drive), he often hinted at tagging along with me on one of my “trips” as a charter pilot.

One chilly December day, he was 102 at the time, the schedule and the stars aligned thanks to an accommodating employer and a compassionate passenger. It was a short and quick trip to Pierre, and he was ready! After our business, we had just enough time to visit the Capitol to see the Christmas trees and talk about our state, our country and his memories. 

It was a great day for the pilot and the patriot, the daughter and father, the grateful citizen and the veteran. God Bless all those who fought for our American freedoms and have inspired us to “fly!”

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