Do Better for Betty

May 3, 2024

This is Betty. She is very special to me and is one of many people who have motivated me to run for office.
This week she joined me on the campaign trail on a chilly May Day afternoon. She has always inspired me as I have admired her leadership, insight, initiative, and bravery.
During this past legislative session in Pierre, there were many times I was disappointed, frustrated, and even infuriated as citizens, and their voices were simply dismissed and their presence inconsequential. One moment, in particular, struck me and ignited my drive to do better.
As I sat in the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee one morning, I watched my former teacher and friend testify. She had carefully and thoughtfully prepared her remarks following rigorous research, courageously participating in the legislative process, after traveling several hours and waiting nervously for her time. As I witnessed how her voice was not heard nor even acknowledged by many on the committee, it struck me. We can do better. Who will do better for Betty?
As others began to encourage me to run, it kept playing in my mind. If not me, then who?
I can. I will do better for Betty and the others who need a more prominent voice in Pierre. I will listen, learn, and work to bring a voice to the people of District 9 and South Dakota. I humbly ask for your vote in the June 4 primary.
Thank you Betty for your leadership, lessons, friendship and literally walking with me on this journey.

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