Flight Captain and Cart Driver

Apr 26, 2024

This is me driving the grain cart on the farm. Yes, I may be a Captain in the air, but I’m the cart driver and lunch maker on the farm. Somehow, I can fly a DC-9, but can’t run a combine with my husband or brother in charge!
I can, however, do what needs to be done for the people I care about. Sometimes, it’s taking the lead to deliver passengers safely to their destination on time. Other times, it’s delivering fuel or lunch to keep the crew rolling in the field. And yet other times, it’s caring for my elderly father or ailing neighbor when a little extra is needed.
There is nothing more important to me than the people I care about. Whether they need leadership or support, I’m here to listen or lend a helping hand.
The residents of District 9 are my people. I hope to learn more about your needs and earn your vote.

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